Sadhya Coconut Testa Oil

Sadhya Coconut Testa Oil is an edible cooking oil extracted from the brown portion of the dried coconut or copra.

Coconut Testa Oil is a good source of oil for human consumption. It has scientifically proven that it is better than coconut oil. Munduvayalil Coconut Processing Unit is the one and only manufacturer in India having license from Central FSSAI to produce and market Coconut Testa Oil.

Coconut Testa is the brown portion of the copra covering the coconut kernel. it is obtained from the coconut processing industry as a byproduct during the preparation of Desiccated Coconut Powder and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Study Revealings on Coconut Testa

Testa, a byproduct from the coconut processing industry is getting wasted. Many studies indicated that the oil from coconut testa contained more of natural antioxidants such as tocopherols, tocotrienols and phenolics compared to coconut kernel oil and may confer health benefits.

This coconut testa is dried, roasted and crushed to get the coconut testa oil. Since the process of manufacturing is exactly the same as that of coconut oil, coconut testa oil can be used as a good cooking source.

Uses of Coconut Testa Oil

Coconut testa oil can be used as a moisturizer for skin.

The vitamin E nutrient in the oil help to restore the lost moisture and work for dry and damaged skin.

It will help to nourish the skin, treat sunburns and help in anti-aging.

It is a good hair oil supplement.

The vitamin E nutrient in coconut testa oil stimulates hair growth, gives lustrous hair and prevent the pre-mature graying of hair.

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